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June 9, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear Son:

I mailed the things you asked for and you will receive them an day now. I also sent the stamps. Let me know if you received them.

How are you getting along? Are the boils disappearing? Take care of yourself.

Joe wrote me a lovely letter the other day and he misses you very much. He wanted your address and I will send it. Joe’s mother calls me on the phone almost every day and she comes over quite often. Drop her a card as you know she likes you very much and thank her again for the dinner you had there.

Harry was over Sunday and he took papa and I to church in his car. Harry misses you very much he acts like a chicken with his head off. I think his mother is going to sign for him to enlist. I am very glad to hear that there are some boys you know from Youngstown. Dear Ralph, do your duty and obey and I know you will make good.

Franks D’Isa is leaving for the army on the 19th of June.

Frank Del Bene, our cousin, is coming home on a furlough this week. He is in Texas. I am going to ask him if he knows where your camp is.

If there is anything you want just write and let us know.

Nothing more to say I will close with the best of luck and God Bless you my dear son.

Your Loving Mother,


Ralph, I think Jenny is mailing you some pictures. The picture with that pants please tear it up and do not show it to any one. You know just hate them pants on you. I never liked them.

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