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June 25, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dearest Hon:

You’ll never know how happy I was to hear from you today, hon. Your letter gives me more courage. It doesn’t seem so abd to go out to work in this hot weather, waiting on cranky customers knowing, that when the day is over that I’ll find your letter waiting for me when I get home. To top it off, the cutest card and your newspaper. I like that little newspaper. It has a lot of interesting subjects in it.

Hon, I’ll never forget the last Saturday + Sunday we spent together either. It really was heaven. All day Saturday was wonderful but the evening was pretty dull. I had to dream the rest. We should have had more of those days before, but I guess I don’t rate. At times I thought I wouldn’t ever see you again, especially when you would tell me that you hated and smack the hell out of me. There were times, hon that I don’t see how I took so doggone much from you. That’s why I can’t understand this great change that’s come over you. BUt I can’t say that it isn’t a wonderful change. Do you still think that I’m no good? I asked you that about 10 letters ago but never received an answer.

I was really flattered when Mac was happy when he read my letter and was mad when he read his girls letter. I’ll write to him again. How does his girl write? Do you know, hon, I would like to write his girl. Ask Moe if it would be all right if I did. Maybe I can give her a few pointers so she can make Moe happier. Tell him to introduce me to her by letter. Send me her name + address and then I’ll write to her and introduce myself. I really think that would be fun. Did you ever read one of her letters? Does Moe read mine? A certain boy told me that the boys at camp let their best Buddy read their letters. But I don’t see anything wrong in that.

Mow sounds like a killy when he says that he could kill this girl. Yes, I remember Mac up at the Elms. Not bad. Tell Moe to be good it isn’t very pleasant to be in bad with the sergeant. If he keeps it up, he might not even get a furlough. I guess that he’s a pretty popular person in our mail.

Hon, I’m sorry t o hear that you are so tired at night. Whatever you do, don’t kill yourself. I know it is pretty rough to be drilling so much especially when it is so hot. But, keep your chin up, hon, it won’t be for long. It can’t be, when I’m praying for you. Don’t worry about getting skinny, before you know it, you’ll be gaining plenty of weight.

I’m awfully proud of you being appointed an Elevator Tracer. That’s a pretty important position being able to tell where to elevate the gun for fine. Keep up the good work. Will you get a Corporal’s stripe if you are good at it? I hope you do. I think the Army is pretty interesting, don’t you, hon?

Hon, I saw Homer at the dance last night. I told him to send his picture to you. He said that he would when he got back to camp. He is going back tomorrow night. That is Saturday. He + Bea still aren’t hitting it very well. They both have too much pride. One hates to give in to the other. I do hope things work out better before he goes back, because I think that they can really make a god of it. But then, I guess that is their business.

The dance was pretty solid. Jan Savitt was much better than he was the last time he was here. But one thing I don’t like about his hand is when they play those darn violins. The Dance-hall was jammed. There were quite a bit of soldiers and millions of girls. I consider myself pretty lucky to have a date when there is such a shortage of boys. Nickie Bart is a wonderful dancer. So are you, hon. One of the best. I had a good time, btu still was washing that Nickie were you. I don’t think he’ll ever go to the Army because he is supporting his mom. His Mom + Dad have been seperated for 12 years. I think Gibby is awfully nice. I met all the Sahron hep=cats.

I haven’t seen E for a whole week, I don’t know what she does with herself. Have you heard from Harry yet?

I’ve seen Kay and she misses Whitey pretty much now. She hasn’t dated anyone yet. I think she really cares for him. They’re a sharp looking couple.

Mat is still here. He was a the dance with Bernice First. The girl that sold you the carton of gum at Murphy’s. He’s still a wolf, he kept whistling at my legs all night.

Mary still hears from Creamy but haven’t heard for a few days because he was out rifle-shooting or something like that. Helen, our Record girl said hello. She’s a whizz at driving her car now. Hon, do you write to your Mom very often? If you don’t , I want to you. I’m sure that would make her very happy, hon.

I just can’t wait until I see your pictures. I’m getting some film tomorrow and will have some pictures made for you, hon.

Are you having a good time at the dances? I hope you are. I don’t think they should have so much tag-dancing. Enjoy every minute that you can, hon. How was the 5 hour hike? Are your feet much better?

Ranny, don’t forget to write as soon as you can. I understand how bust you are but try, until you do, I am forever yours baby,


“You have all my love and a little more”

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