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June 24, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dearest Ralph: --

Your very interesting letter was received and I want to tell you that joe and I were very happy to get it, and hope you will continue to write to us often if you have the time.

Ralph, so sorry that I did not answer sooner. To tell you the truth with my house cleaning and then I was out of stationary as usual ha -ha - so now I bought a good amount of it and the first thing I thought of doing was to write to you. Well honey boy, we were especially glad to get to hear that you are getting used to army life.

Ralph its a great honor to be where you are, so be happy and keep your chin up. I saw your dear parents the other night they are all well. You are certainly talked about a home. And missed plenty. Your darling grandma sure has shed plenty of tears over you. She is such a sweet thing. I saw a snap shot of you and you sure look very very good. I hope some day you will send me a picture in your uniform try won’t you dear? Ralph when you write again don’t call me Mrs. D’Isa. I know its my last night, but remember I’m closer to you than Mrs. After all I could be your Mother. So call me Vivian or “Auntie” ha - ha- ha Joe says hello, and sends you his love. Shirley said that she sends you a big hug. All my love to you, and be careful, take good care of your self and God Bless you.


Aunt Viv

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