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June 8, 1921.


Well K,! I hit Tifton with a bang again. Mr. Gorday was up home Sun. to see Odessa so we decided at the last minute to come down and go back with Rubre + Jack as they intend going back to Macon Friday. We left Macon about five-thirty after we were this side of Ashubrn there is a very abrupt turn across the railroad. We were there before we expected it and ran into a ditch. Mr. Gorday was cut awfully bad on his neck, chin and eye. He was bleeding so bad we could hardly tell just where or how bad he was cut at first. A megra woman came along and so we stripped her apron and bandaged him up enough to get to Tifton. Two boys came along in a Ford and brought us on to Tifton to the Doctor. They had to take seven stitches. Three on his neck, three on his chin and one on his eye. Vivian + I were not cut just bruised and my knee skinned. I was on the front seat again and I don’t see how it was that I wasn’t cut. Didn’t even have on a hat this time. The Packard was bumped up pretty bad. Vivian and I just feel terrible about it because he was just bringing us down through pure kindness and he is the one who was hurt. I am just getting over my soreness now and feeling fine and so is Vivian. We haven’t heard from Mr. Gorday since Mon. but he seemed to be doing fine then. Just think what U. escaped last year and call yourself a lucky man instead of hard luck. We carried Mr. Gorday back to Ashburn that might so it was about half past two when I finally crawled in.

Have been to a party or two and just riding around. Rubre has a ford sedan and drives herself so we are enjoying ourselves very much.

Suppose we will go back to Macon Friday morning. Than I must get to work. I should not have come down here but I’m here and must work hard when I get back.

Received the candy Sweetheart and enjoyed it so much. I thought maybe U. had sent it to the club. Can U. come down about the 20th. We have been disappointed several time but expect that we can arrange thing for then. Let me hear from U. as soon as U. can find out.

Lots of love,


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