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June 30, 1943.

Dear Son:

We are all feeling well only it is very hot and I say hot. It has been warm for about five days straight. I bet Texas is worse. How are the evenings there? Warm I suppose.

Guess who was on a furlough? Paul Richards, and does he look swell. I was talking to his mother on the phone asking about Paul, and she said he must of been down our house but we were not at home. I saw him on the street but I did not think it was him and then Josey said he saw him. He asked about you. He is in Washington, he is a Corporal. I am going to send you his address so you can write to him.

Do you and Bobby Torbon want to write to each other? Has your friend Harry written to you yet? I received a card from “Joe Zojac” the other day and he says you wrote to him. I was talking to his mother Saturday and she said JOe was going to call her up Saturday evening. I received the pictures and I will mail them to you. Will mail the rest later.

Dear Ralph, In your last letter you told me you could call up Jenny. I thought you told me you did not like her. Then I think you should of called your mother up first -- but of course I am always last. I do not want to be stern, and I do not expect you to be perfect but for your own sake, and for my sake, please do not make the greatest mistake of your life she is a nice girl but not for you. She would never make a good wife for you, she is alright for a jitterbug partner but not for a partner in life. Drop her gradually and tell her to find someone else. Reflect upon your course, my dear Son, before it is too late. Remember that your father and I love you Ralph and listen for once and open your eyes. Please Ralph obey your mother it will be for your own good.

I am sorry to trouble you about this son, but your weaknesses are in great measure my fault, for not correcting you sooner. So I thought I would start now before it is too late, if you wish to obey.

Closing with love from all, I am always,

Your devoted Mother

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