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July 25, 1943.

Dearest Ranny:

Just dropping you a few lines to let you know that I’m still living. I haven’t heard from you for a whole week now. Don’t you want to write to me anymore? I know, you told me that you were going on Field Problems Monday. But you could have written before you left. The last letter that you had written was on a Friday; 3 days before you left.

I could have written before but I was waiting for an answer from you. Although I haven’t had one yet, I’m writing.

Yesterday marked the second month that you have been in the Army. But I still haven’t forgotten you. I miss you as much as I did before even more so now. Since I haven’t heard from you, I’ve lost all ambition. I’m not intrigued in my work or anything else. So you see, hon, you have to keep up my morale also.

Friday morning, my brother was hurt in the mill where he works and was taken to the hospital. A 1000 lbs. Coil fell on his foot. As yet we don’t know how many bones are broken. His foot is pretty well smashed up. We all feel pretty bad about it.

Jeans, Dolly’s boyfriend, is coming home to stay. He was supposed to come this week, but isn’t going to until next week. You could imagine how happy she is.

It was Homer’s Birthday Friday. He wants Bea to go up to his house that night because he was going to call home. So she did. The call came through at one in the morning. They were all glad to hear from him.

Harry’s mother and sister went to see him this week-end. Edith didn’t go, she was supposed to go with them.

Whitey should have come home last night. I don’t know yet if he did. I’ll find out sometime today. It’ll be so good to see him again.

Wally left for the Navy last week. He got into the Navy instead of the Army. Johnny La Guardia is leaving tomorrow. I received a letter from Corporal Steve. He also sent a couple of pictures. He is looking fine and likes the Army. It certainly looks like the way he is getting along. He expects to get a furlough sometime in September.

Hon, last week I went to see “Mr Lucky”. It really was a wonderful picture. That picture reminded me of a couple of people’s lives. Not saying who.

Have you seen “Coney Island”? Starring Betty Grable and George Montgomery.

How are you getting along with your dancing? Have you complete one dance with a girl yet? How’se come you can’t, are the girls that scarce down there? Here’s wishing you luck the next time.

Have Ferdi & Angie married yet? How is Colla getting along with his studies? Is Moe still getting into trouble?

Be careful that you don’t get into any trouble when you are with him.

“Teddy Powell’s” Band played at Idona last Thursday night. It was awful. He played his smooth pieces good but couldn’t play the fast pieces well. Everyone left the dance early to go somewhere else. The crowd was fairly large.

Bob Astor’s last night here was Friday. Bob Strong’s band is now playing here.

Did you ever hear “Uncle Walter’s Doghouse” on the radio? Bob Strong used to play on that program. I don’t know how he plays, I’ll find out tonight.

Mary + I are going to Idona tonight. Whitey + Kay will probably be there if he came home.

Today is Italian Day at Idona. You can imagine all the Italians that will be there.

Farmer Joe wrote to me and told me that he and Vicky broke up for good. She is going around with some soldier now. She hadn’t gone to work for a week, because of a swollen jaw.

Now, that I’ve given you all the Youngstown News, how about some news from Texas?

Closing now hoping to hear from you soon.

Sending all my love and will be

Forever Your Own


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