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July 27, 1943.

Dearest Darling:

At last I received a letter and card from you. It seems like old times again. I was happier than ever to receive them.

Hon, I am awfully sorry for some of the things I said in the last letter. I guess I was just a little bit crabby that day. I realize that you were on Field Problems and couldn’t write. So hon, could you forgive me? I’ll be more understanding next time.

No, honey, there aren’t alot of civilians around, there are very few, but alot of soldiers. The same crowd goes dancing that aren’t in the Army. Johnny left Monday and a lot of other boys.

Whitey came home. You should see how he looks. He had a “Butch” haircut and has a blue suit. He looks pretty nice though. I saw him at the dance Sunday night with Kay. He’ll be home until next Sunday. Smitty is also home on furlough. He’s in the Navy instead of the Army. He is stationed with Whitey.

Here is the reason why I haven’t written to Harry. He never wrote to me. Not even drop a card to tell me that he is all right. I’m not going to write until he does. Ask him why he hasn’t written to me.

Yes, Mat told me that you had written to him. But hon, don’t expect an answer for 6 weeks. He told me that he wasn’t going to answer until then, because you had taken so long to write to him.

Hon, I had some pictures taken yesterday, so just as soon as they are developed, I’ll send them.

I was up at the Hospital tonight to see my brother. He is feeling fine except that of couple of bones in his right foot are broken. He’ll probably be laid up for a couple of months. He is sitting pretty though. His girl brought a little radio there for him and we take all the newspapers to him.

Awfully glad to hear that you are having a good time at dances and also at U.S.O shows. Angie is a solid dancer. Have they married yet? One of these days you’re going to surprise me and say yes. Yes, I remember Johnny Johnson. You are pretty lucky to see him in person.

I wish that Joe answered your letter and mine also. But if he does, I’m not going to answer him because he told Vicky to tell all his friends to go straight to hell. Mary also got a letter from him but isn’t going to answer either.

It seems as though Joe + Vicky are through altogether. She goes around with Red now. Mary + I were with them for a while at the park. Red doesn’t go with Freddy anymore either.

Yes, I do think that it would be much better if Harry + Edith waited until the war was over to get married. Anyway, they are both so young to weigh so much responsibility on themselves.

Say handsome, don’t forget that heavy date that we have in 6 months. It’s about 4 months now. It’ll be so good to see you again. I’ll hug and kiss you until you can’t see. I’ll smother you.

Has Homer written to you yet? I sent him your address. Hon, how did you make out on your Field Problems this time? Are you finished with your Basic Training yet?

Bob Strong’s Band was pretty good Sunday night. I really think he was better than Bob Astor. As yet, I don’t know of any Big bands coming. But Johnny Dorsey and Woody Herman are coming to the Keith pretty soon.

Ah well, don’t forget to scratch me some jive, also. Soon.

Love, Mae

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