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June 3, 1921.


Well Sweetheart,

I am once more home again in “dear Old Macon”. Every thing looks funny but good. Honestly I do think that I shall actually die if I have to stay here three whole months with no more to do than I have had to do these two days or day + half. I got into Atlanta yesterday morning and had to stop on business so Of Course! Had to wait until a decent hour to see them so didn’t get off until twelve-thirty. Goodness I thought to my soul I will go through just sitting around. It was an awful hot day so I couldn’t walk around much – so had to just sit. Wasn’t that an exciting day!!

Didn’t a thin interesting happen on my wy down soI got awfully tired.

Didn’t make any definite arrangement in Atlanta am just going to draw awhile every day here to keep in practice.

When are U. coming down. Dick was delayed so will not bere here until about a week later. Let me know when U. can make arrangements to come. Let me hear from U. soon I miss U. lots.

As Ever,


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