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June 29, 1943.

Hi Jitterbug,

How are you? Sorry to hear that you are not happy but I guess no one is at a time like this. I guess the only thing we can do is pray for peace. You aren’t missing anything, nothing doing here. I bet you have better times in the army than you would have if you were home.

Do you miss your jitterbugging? And how are the girls down there!

Boy! You should see our department. We have quite a few new kids or should I say “goons”. Talk about “goons” there is one girl who is real tall + thin, she only has two teeth, she looks like death warmed over. We also have a “bearded” lady. I bet she has a thicker beard than you. Than there are two dumb looking “goons” (boys) from Campbell. They’re so darned filthy. No one pays any attention to them.

You were the last one to leave from our crew that I know of.

Harry “Green Hornet”Beshara was rejected. Another 4F.

Ben “Casanova” Oles is in the Cleveland hospital getting treatments for his hip or something.

Our quote is being raised to 28 ships. More girls are being put on the jig.

The place is awfully quiet now since your gone + Tony is over on the new ship.

Well I guess I’ll close now it’s almost time for me to go to work. 3-11 this week.

Well, take it easy Ranny + be good.

Lots of luck to you.


P.S. What does W.O.O.L.A.A. K.O.E.W stand for that’s a new one for me.

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