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June 28, 1943.

My Great Lover:

Was more than glad to hear from you, since we don’t get mail here on Sundays.

Do you receive mail on Sunday?

I’m happy to hear that my mail comes at the convenient time, I was hoping that it would.

How are you today? Have you gained any weight yet? If you haven’t, I’m gaining it for you. Before you know it, I’ll be looking like a ball. I’m going to dance my head off, so I can lose some weight.

No, honey, Kay is not going steady with Whitey. Anyway, that is what Kay told me. I think she has gone dancing only once, and as far as I know, hasn’t dated anyone. When Whitey told you that he was going steady with her, it was only wishful thinking. But I would like to see them get together.

The last time I heard from Bea, her + Homer had broken up, but that was Friday night. Maybe they got together again, I don’t know.

I haven’t seen Bea nor Homer ever since. I would also like to see them 2 get together again.

Sweets, the next time you put on your radio, don’t dance along, therefore the boys won’t think you’re crazy. Grab Moe and dance with him. Just pretend its me. But don’t hold him too tight and I absolutely forbid you to kiss him. I’ll find out from him if you do.

How was your gun-practice? How do you go about it? Tell me about it. I’ll bet its very interesting. I would just love to watch you do all those things.

I still haven’t heard from Harry -- When he does write, he’s going to wait 2 weeks for an answer.

I heard from Joe again, he writes like a fat-man, telling me he’s my ex-sweetheart and for me to send him my picture and to always write to him. I’ll write to him period. Vicky wants me to write to him and fix up for her but I’m not, because it is the best way to keep out of trouble.. She started enough trouble for me, so I don’t even bother with her anymore. Boy, is Freddy sore at her, he said that Vicky is taking Red away from him.

Marie, Harry’s sister, came in the store to see my today. She’s really nice when you get to know her. She wants me to go up to her house in the worst way and always begs me to call her up.

Hon, this is what Marie told me today. Promise me that you won’t mention it to her. I’m sure she didn't mean to do this just to be mean. She meant it for your own good.This might have been one way that your Mom found out about your drinking.

She said that she found a bottle of liquor in Joe’s car one day and wanted to throw it out. Joe told her that Vicky gave it to him. She knew that you were out with Joe that night and didn’t want you + Joe to drink. So-o she said that she called your mother and told her about the bottle. That is what she told me.

I had seen the picture of Jennie before she sent it to Colla. It really turned out beautiful. Hon, I’m going to take one for you Monday since we don’t work. All stores will be closed.

Hon, I hope you would write to your Mom and explain; but don’t do it in such a way to hurt her. I really can’t face your Mom again.

It seems awfully funny that Bob Torbon hasn’t answered anyone’s letters. He didn’t answer Harry’s now Bea’s. I hope nothing has happened to him. I really feel sorry for him. He seems so pitiful. Do you remember the little girl he used to like up at the Elmer? I think they call her “sharp” or something like that. Her real name is Betty. I saw her at Idona last week and she asked about Bob. She said that she still loved him. But she looked half pie-eyed then.

Hon, I thought you knew Nick. I’m sure that if you say him, you would know him, because he is always with Gibby + Larry. I’m sure it isn’t Larry instead. His full name is Nick Bart. No, hon, he wasn’t at your party. I think he was working nights that week. He knows you.

No, “Joe the Bear” hasn’t asked me for a date since you left because when I had dated him, I told him that I never would again. When I had gone to see Jan Savvit, he asked me for a dance and said, sure you date Nickie, but you won’t date me. I just laughed it off, did he burn.

I had gone dancing Sunday with some girls. Mary didn’t want to go since she was feeling so blue. Creamy hasn’t written to her for almost a week now. She’s getting thin over it. I’ve been giving her so darn many pep-talks that I’m worn out. I hope he writes soon, so she’ll be herself again.

I’m trying to get her in the groove again, so tomorrow night, we’re going to see Horace Hedith at the Palace. Then I’m going to take her to our picnic, Thursday. On the 4th, we might go to Cleveland. We want to go.

Starting Saturday, Bob Astor’s Band will play at Idona. It’ll be a relief to hear a good band again.

In about 2 weeks, Charlie Barnett is coming to Idona. Honey, will you take me to see him? Oh, I wish you could. We would have a perfect time.

Last Sunday, I had the Broadcast dance with Andy, Flo Naples boy-friend. He told me that he is leaving for the Navy in three weeks. He really is a nice person. I believe he and Flo are going steady again. He said that he left her home so he could see what he could find. Catch? Good.

Honey, I received a long letter from Moe today. Say, what is this, he told me that he doesn’t have a girl and you told me that he did. Someone is fibbing. He wants me to fix him up with a girl out here. Have any suggestions? I can’t think of a single one. By the way he writes, he must read the letters I write to you. But that is up to you if you want him to read them.

Hon, I sent you gum today. Let me know if you received it, because a lot of time, things get lost through the mail.

Do you remember Don? He went around with Pacukie. He goes with Josephine Balog, the Candy girl at Murphy’s. He left for the Army last week. Before he left, he + Jo became engaged.

Hon, did you have your pictures developed yet? I can hardly wait to see them. I’m still trying to get films. No one has them.

Darling, I’m closing this novel now until the next issue which will be tomorrow.

Write soon. All my love,

Forever your own,


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