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June 28, 1943.

Dearest Ranny:

Really don’t know how to start this belated letter. How ya doin’ Jack? Still hip as ever?

Go to any dances lately? Man Idona is getting dead. No-one to dance with except soldiers. And they have the crummy bands too!

Andy’s still home, he leaves for the army July 13. And he keeps me pretty busy.

How are you and Jenny getting along? Don’t see her around much. Guess she’s being true to you.

Hear from any of the gang? What happened to Harry? Did he go to the Navy?

Well, guess I’ll have to shutter a clambake for a while Jack, for I’m really icky to my socks, but good! Hope I can finagle a few juke slugs from some alligators for a coke. I’ll dig you later.

Hope you decipher the line of jive. From that boogie beat, back home,


P.S. Save me some jive.

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