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June 27, 1943.

Dear Ralph,

The past time I wrote you from the store, but today being so hot, about 92 degrees in the shade, I went down and when I felt the air so close, I decided to go in the open where I could feel more comfortable. So here I am in the Mill creek park facing the lake, in that road that you know, running in the rear of Orlando house. I know in writing to you of being in a nice spot like this makes you wish that you were with me, and I certainly wish that you were with me, and I certainly wish the day will not be far off, when all of us will be together again, and I am sure we will appreciate the nice surrounding we live in. It looks like I am not able to write from the house; take today, Ma had to go to the Orlando right after she got through with the dishes, because Loretta was not feeling well; at the same time Mr. Scott from Struthers came to see us, so you see to find the time to write you I must act rather rude with the friends that come to see me.

After all I feel that you deserve few lines from home at least once a week; I would do it oftener, but seems every night or so we must either go out shopping or pay a visit to some one dead or living.

This week we had to go to oa recital given by Miss. Schnitzel, Sr. DiJori’s girlfriend, were Carmel and Anita Orlando played a duet on the piano; thean a solo of Carmel. Many other pupils played lovely and we enjoyed the evening even do was hot. The night following we went to see Peppermicllo DJa and Vivian to give them our best wishes on their 12th anniversary being married, there we met Jack, Myrtle and the babies.

I wish you could see how nice Joe Dja house looks, it is like a baby dolly house; and also the nice Victory garden. We had a pleasant evening and you were mentioned quite a bit.

The 23rd of this week we received your letter mailed JUne 20th and as usual we were very glad to hear that you are quite well but working strenuously; I only hope Lord may give you strength to go through this training, which they tell me is very hard the first few months. Be patient! And Obey! Remember in the army it is not like home; I guess you have found that out by this time. If the other boys can take it, you want to be at par with the rest. So keep your chin up and I will be with you heart and soul. Write if you want anything. Saturday 26th they promised me the pictures; but when I call for, they were not ready. I will see that you get them as soon as possible. About the Pants presser I have inquired all over and seem that they are out of it. Now that you are about tog et your first pay, spend it wisely and try to save some money, it will come handy on your furlough. Well Ralph I am about to close this letter with the most affectionate regards and kisses from all of us. A big, big kiss from your Dad

P.S. Today I gave $ to the Missionary in China -- I put on the envelope Pvt. Ralph Rendano I wish they pray for you for a quick come back home. I held this letter a day thinking I should have you pictures but no luck. Addio

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