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June 26, 1943.

Dear Ranny

I received both of your letters, and the newspaper was interesting! When that came I couldn’t think what it was, when I opened it I was very surprise. I hope this letter don’t find you in the hospital if their working you to hard, you tell me and I’ll come down Texas and tell them what I think of them. But kidding aside as you say, I hope their not working too hard, even if they are I know you can take it. So you wait for my letter that good to hear and your letters are getting better, first you started out with Dear Frannie!, and now its My Dearest Francies!. Do you really miss me or do you just write that to fill up the page. I miss you alot too, hon! You have that hon? All through the letters. I’m glad to hear that your parents like me, how do they, when they don’t even know me. They know who I am, and knowing my Mother but they don’t know me. So you think I’m a swell kid, I’ll be waiting for you to prove it when you come home and that won’t be long now. I bet you can’t wait to come home and see good old Youngstown, and all your friends. Well I still go dancing, I was out the [unreadable] Thur., it cost me $1.10 to get in and he was terrible. I’m glad to hear that you found someone that dances Youngstown style, now you have something to look forward to when you get [unreadable], you could go dancing!

I sure miss your dancing Ranny, I know when you were home that you’d ask me to dance sooner or later in the evening but now, your in Texas and me in Youngstown, that’s trouble. I dance with alot of kids but nobody can beat you, now don’t get big headed. So you like me but still you can’t pick between Jenny and me, well Ranny you’ll have to prove it because I’m from [unreadable], Ranny! I want to tell you that the truth now, and if you don’t believe me I don’t care! When I read your letters I don’t know if I should believe you or not, because I hear so many things from various people and they all tell me different things, and Jenny goes around saying she goes steady with you, and in your letters you say you miss one and then you call her up. That doesn’t make sense. I want to believe you but, how could I now you tell me what you’d do if a girl would do that to you. I hope you’re no angry because I told you that!

Ranny I send you a picture of myself when i get them, I promise! I be waiting for you. I still miss your face a lot and I not kidding that still I have to close up for well so-long for now.

God Bless You,

Always Yours


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