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June 21, 1921.


Dearest K,

So sorry that U. couldn’t be here last week but probably we can find enough excitement to pass the time away. There certainly is not much doing since I cam home in a social way. I have had plenty of excitement in just being with the family. It has been so much fun being together until none of us have wanted any thing to do. The children are so cute they afford most of the excitement.

Vivian + Dick will be in Atlanta Sun. probably U. will see them there. They said that they would look for U. if they were.

Mr. Gorday was up last night and has all bandages off. They are going to leave real bad scars.

Excuse this scratchy writing it seems that I can’t write anything that I intend writing this morning.

U. will get here Sun. for dinner won’t U.

Lots of love

As Ever


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