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June 20, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear Ralph:

Received our card and was sure glad to hear from you. I really thought you had forgotten all about me.

I got to see your card after a week. Cause I hadn’t been home for 2 weeks. When I came home I was really glad to hear from you.

I am just fine, thank you. Hows yourself butch?

I’m still working and I like my work a lot. Went dancing at Idona last night, and today I thought I would go to see a show in Girard. So Joe and I went to see “The More the Merrier”. So I thought while I was at home + had a little time I would answer your card. Going back in the morning.

Ralph it was too bad I couldn’t see you off. I wanted to give you something before you left but you see I had just got in + you came down right after I came in. And you were in a hurry to leave. So I hope I get to see you soon which I know I will so I could give you something.

How’s army life Ralph? By the way how’s your girlfriend? Haven’t seen her around anymore. Did you take her along with you. Ha. Ha. Just kidding.

Carmen still around. But he will be leaving soon. Has taken his blood test + is waiting for his call.

Well Ralph I’ve been doing pretty much lately. Meet new people every day. Met a couple of nice looking Lts.

No one is left in Girard except Dom Ariato. Carl’s left + so has Johnny.

Don’t you worry Ranny before long you will have a furlough.

Guess I will ring off for now you’re probably bored by now anyway.

Everyone says hello + they all send their best regards. So until next time, adios. Am using your slang.



P.S. Hope you haven’t stop writing. Thanks for the card.

Good luck to you

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