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June 20, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear Mom:

I received your letter Saturday and it sure came at a right time. Because I just come back from doing exercise. Boy, it sure pep me up? You never know how the fellows wait for letters. We can’t hardly wait for Mail Call!

Thanks, for the Package of hangers and candy. The fellows ate it already! When the First Sergeant call my name for it he said “You better send that tuxedo home you won’t need it here”. Please sent me a “Electric Pants Presser” if you can get one! Also don’t forget about he films? Have them develop with 4 prints to each one, and send them back. You can keep the negatives. They will be probably be about 130 pictures, It may cost about $6.00 but the fellows will pay for the one’s they want. Get the money that i have home to Pa for the developing. Send them back as past as possibly?

I also got the stamps and picture. Thanks again, Mom! I eat a lot but boy, they sure take it off again in training. My face is still thing yet. Boy, have we been drilling here. We have been on hikes of about 2 hr with a Pack on the back. No water is allowed and the temperature is about 115. Gosh, were the fellows dropping out. But I was lucky so for to stay in. Golly are you tired when you come back. Then they still make you drill after you come back. There is always something to do, even after your off duty. I’m trying my very best. It will benefit me in the end I know! Have been busy the last 3 days getting ready for a General Inspection of our barracks and Field Equipment and how you Dress. The General was coming to look us over. Our “Battery” was rated First against the others. I hope everybody is feeling fine home. How is Granma + Joe! I miss you terribly? I sent a card to Pa for Father’s Day. Hope he received it. In closing all my regards to all! Say hello to Uncle Joe!

Adios, your son


Mom, the reason we are quarantine (of course it’s not me its the whole camp) is because to protect the campe from getting diseases. In other words, some fellows have mumps or measles and if they do and usually they don’t know they have it. Well this can be spread all over the camp, so in this way we can protect ourselves.

Our barracks had a case of the measles. So the kids that were in this fellows hut had to be separated from everybody else. But now we are out of quarantine now. We can go out of the camp, but this week I’ve been so busy and tired, so I didn’t go out. Instead I went to a dance within the camp. I enjoyed myself very much. Me and Ralph Colla and a bunch of other jitterbugs had a swell time of course they dance different here! “Pay Day” will be coming around shortly and then I’ll call you up on the telephone. It will cost about $3.30 for 3 minutes. But it sure takes a long time to get connections. I called Jennie up the other day and I had to wait 3 hours to get her. So when I get time I’ll write and try to tell you when and about what time I’ll call. They don’t take any calls station to station, it has to be always person to person. I don’t know why?

Well goodbye for now! Mom

P.S. Don’t forget the films and Pants Presser! Tell me when you’ll send them. So I can wait for them at Mail Call?

Have the films about 3x4 sizes. Better longer if possibly.



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