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June 20, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear Ralph, Received your postal card dated June 14th. Many many thanks to you for being so thoughtful in wishing me health and happiness on this particular day. Yes I must say it makes me happy to hear from you; and on top of that a three page letter, received on June 19th, which was readed so anxiously that I had to read it many times. I read that you went on 9 miles hicke, and this is the sure sign that you are getting better with blister and boils and getting fit for harder work ahead of you. Lord may gide you strength! You wrote that you putting on some weight, of course I did expect that, now that you are in the army; you could never gain weight according to the way of life you were carrying on at home.

On Saturday night came to see us Mack Murray, we were surprised how nice he looks; said he gained 15 pounds since he entered the army and likes it too. Said he may come to see you.

The past week Franke Del Bene came and he is living Tuesday; also Gave and June are here, they may stay up to this coming saturday; they look fine. Gabe expect to move to a different camp when he will be back.

Also Henry White was here on furlough but did not see him, he seems to be the only one that did not gain weight while in the army so said his mother Isabella.

Friday 18th, Harry finally left for the navy, we all went to the bus station to wish him good luck.

Saturday 19th Frank D’Ha left also, but I missed to see him because they told me the train was leaving at 845 instead left at 825.

So you see we were kept busy with these movements of boy friends and relations going and coming; I hope the day will come soon when we going to greet you all on your coming home, good and start new life again with the God Blessing.

Monday 14th I sent you ten hangers, some cookies and candies, tell me what you like the best and I will get some more. About this clothes press that you ask me if anything if is anything in the line of electrical appliance, that is almost impossible to get, but if you meant those wires that fits in the trousers to keep the trousers in shape; I will try to buy them. So I wish you dear to us. As soon as I get the films I will have them developed and mail to you, with charges.

I look at the paper clipping of First Sgt Allen, he looks like a fine chap and will like him more if he gave you K.P. if he don’t find your hut spic and span. I remember when you took baths and would leave everything a mess. I will watch the difference the army brought to you when you come home. I will close this letter telling you that we are all well and so we hope to hear from you.

Love and kisses from all especially grandmother.

Your dad,


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