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June 19, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Hello Ralph:

I just got your address from your mother today. Well how are you getting along so far. I don’t expect you to like the Army because the army really ties your rookies down at first. But you will get used to it after a bit. Just take things easy and don’t let them work you too hard.

Well part of the army are you in Ralph? I know it’s AntiA-Aircraft Defense Camp. But that is all. Are you near any big towns? How is your nearest town?

I’ve got my self an easy job for a couple of weeks. Working in the Guest House. The 124th Infantry is the only outfit to have its only Guest House. A Sergeant and His Wife live in the place. But the Sergeant has his regular job to do so he can’t work in the place. So here I am cooking, washing dishes, and keeping the whole place clean. Of course I have 2 assistant for me to order around, to do all the work.

How do you like the difference between the South and the North? The way the people act and how they live and work.

Well so long Ralph. I haven’t much to say. But I know you can get along pretty good in the army.

Bye till next time,

Your Cousin

Johnnie Sferra

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