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June 18, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

My Dear Son:

I am glad to hear that you received the radio and other things. I also sent the hangers, you will receive them any day now. Joe Zajac wanted hangers and he received them about two weeks later. Did you write to Joe Zajac?

Dar son, I know you are very busy and can not write so you write just as often as you can, just so I hear from you.

So you had clothes inspection and I am very glad to hear you were perfect. I hope I will be proud of you some day, and forget your faults and what habits you had such as you know? “Respect yourself, my son, or no one will respect you.”

You did receive the pictures? I liked only one, not the one with that suit. That suit made you go crazy. You remember the morning you left how I scolded you not to wear it, but you insisted. You never wanted to listen to me. I hope you obey in the army, please.

I am telling these things for your own good as I love you, and I want you to be manly and respected.

June + Gabe arrived Monday morning. Gabe is on a furlough, they both look fine. He said he may be transferred to Texas. He now is in Little Rock, Ark. He does not know when, but he will write when he gets there. I gave him your address.

Did you drop a card to the “Orlando’s” Thank Frank for the money he gave you. The address is Frank Orlando 3804 Glenwood Ave.

We all send our fondest love to you and God Bless you my dear son. From.

Your loving mother

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