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June 16, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Hi Ronny Dear:

I am just fine thank you. How’s my little Play Boy these days? Gee do you still have to hear that song Ranny? I suppose Joe plays it all the time. I hear from him. I didn't get mail to-day. You know how my mother is, she just the same. She doesn’t want me to go with him no how. She doesn’t even want me to write. She said just once in a while. But not so much. I guess I’ll have to leave him sooner or later. Don’t anything to anyone Ranny.

So you do miss my laugh Ronny. I am a good girl. I haven’t been up to the Park Shows or any where once yet. The only place is up to your place and I have been up to Joe once ro three times. I should say. Once I didn’t find her home. I know girl have said they wouldn’t go out with boys when these sweetheart went. But these have gone out the week after. I am not going steady but I won’t go out with anyone.

Your family you should see how I am treated boy. Every body even your father he never wants me to go when I go there. One Sunday I spend the morning + night there. They want me to stay for a week. On 11 to 7 they didn’t see me a week. She wanted me to go up to see her she said I make you a lunch. Every day if I don’t call she will call me up to see what happened. Your Grandmother Sunday came to our Church because it was St. Anthony day + she called me up to meet her. So Tony + I went to Church. We took her up to our place. She wanted to come. She eat up to our place + stayed all day at 7:00 P.M. we took her back home with Tony’s car + my mother came for the ride + she came in your place for awhile.

Your father didn’t want me to come home with Tony + my mother. They wanted to take me to a show or to the park. Your brother oh the fun. Your mother laugh. You dad the one I have alot of fun we can talk for hours together. Then you know Ronny I told your mother I send you a package. So she wanted cookies. I had to make more + took a big box Sunday. Your father likes the hard ones. Boy he said I like to have you around. Oh so much for your family.

Ronny I guess by now you got my package. Hoping you liked it. Was you surprised.

Ronny Tony is working on the knew phone the P.63 + he is steady days. I am steady days also. I take of Savloye. You know Savloye girl. Still in 19 but good job now. Right in class. No night turns.

Gee you just got in + you want a furlough. My brother is coming home tomorrow from the Army. I send him $85 to come. But he hasn’t been home 7 months now.

Do you think I would be a fool to get your proofs + go + have one made. You had two made for Jenny You had none for Mrs. Zojac + boy is she made. She wants one. Your mother only has two + they are different. So if you want to send me one go tomorrow town + I want a big painted one. You never get my pictures until you send me one.

Everybody up at the S.F. asked about you Ronny. They all wanted to see your big picture. I told them I was getting one + you didn’t. Oh the hell on it.

This is a picture Red + I took after work. We where tired + was it hot. So I send it to you anyway.

Well Ronny I’ll close now. Because it will be a book not a letter.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Tony said hello.Commando? Regards from all to you.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Take care of yourself.

Be good Ronny the boy Commando.



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