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June 16, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear Dad:

Have received your, what can I say, surprising letter. I was very happy to receive it? I felt the same Pa, when I had to write a few lines. Now that I’m away from home and your friends and not to feel low and sad I write to my friends and Gosh, you don’t know how fellow lives on just for the different “Mail Calls”. It keeps up the fellow morale to get a letter from his pals and parents. Telling him the things going on at home!

You don’t have to write Pa, I understand your side. When I write to Ma, I write for the whole family of course I appreciate your mail very much. I’ll try my best to write also.

I’ve been so busy writing and answering letters I don’t know were to begin. To tell the truth I’ve been writing to about 80 persons of course I don’t get answers. But mostly I do.

Have been busy here getting our Field Equipment such as, Gas mask, helmets, Rifles, Tents. We also been craming it all down how to use each individually. Boy, I wonder how much the human brain can take. Beside learning ports of Guns, we learning how to do first aid, and also march. We do alot of infantry drill? Walk hikes with packs on our backs without water for about 2 hours, of course I’ve been excused on some hikes on account of boils + blisters on my foot. We sure do eat here. If the scales are right have I gained about 5 pounds so far. We are using the Springfield Rifle 30 caliber MI - I have been learning to take it apart and clean it.

Thanks for the Radio that sure helps a tired fellow after training. I’ve received every thing in good condition. Yes I would like some hangers and also a “Pants Presser” too, Pa.

The Camera I took pictures of about 2 rolls. I am sending it home so you can have the films developed. Then send the pictures back. There are probably about 32 pictures, also have 4 prints made of each picture. You can send them back from home faster than I can get them developed here.

If you get the pictures developed you can keep the negatives. There will probably be about 130 pictures all together. The reason I want 4 of each is because they are pictures of my boyfriends. They each want a picture of themselves. Of course they are going to pay me for the duplicates. THen I’ll send you the money back. I’ll send you the films soon by air mail. When oyu get them have them developed quickly and send them back as soon as possible. If you don’t understand what I mean. Tell me about it and I’ll explain it more in other letters.

Pa, hope you are feeling fine. Don’t worry about me, I’m getting along fine. How do you find business? I miss you very much! Say hello to Uncle Joe, Joesy, and tell Gramma I miss her hollering. Is she allright. I’ll try to write everybody, Pa.

Well Pa, I’m closing I wish you a happy and healthful Father’s Day. I miss home and the whole family with all my heart. Adios till next time.

Your loving Son,


P.S. This clipping is the picture of my First Sergeant or “Big Kick”. He’s a swell fellow!

Of course, he has to be tough. That’s his orders!

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