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June 16, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear Ralph,

Was very glad to receive your last letter + hope you are fine.

Here it is Thursday night + I am sitting on the porch writing to you. I tis so nice + cool here + what a night for romance. Wish you were here.

Well Ranny guess Youngstown really is home after you have there for such a long time.

Fee thanks a lot for that insignia you sent me. It certainly was swell. You know I’ve always wanted one of them and now I’ve got one. Thanks to you.

I was dancing Sunday night but that was my last time. Rani I just don’t enjoy it anymore. I don’t know why.

There is still the same crowd dancing. All the boys that graduated from the different high schools have already left for the Army as you can imagine who is left home.

Jimmy is still here + he told me to tell you he sends his regards.

By the way Ralph I never got to ask you how that party turned out. Gee how I wish I could have come. If you ever get a furlough you better take me out because no matter that happens I’ll go.

I know the boy “Timmy” you are talking about. He always bothered me in school. I had a lot of fun with him.

Truddie was up my house the other night. Do you know Eugene Capone? He came up with him. He’s a friend of mine to.

Gee but that moon is grand. What a night. Well Rani I’ll be closing now so please answer soon because I’ll be waiting. Rani how about a picture of you in uniform. I’d love to have one.



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