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June 16 & 17, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Hello Pal

I was sorry to hear you was in the hospital but am glad you are getting well. I am supposed to leave the 18 of June. The Mexican is still around and so is Johnny the pick pocket. I guess you know him, that is about all, Edith and I are still working along by the way and now working up a Lordstown for about a week till I leave so I’ll have some money to spend. I make $39.00 dollars a week and then I carry passengers which pay me 3 dollars a week for a side so I average about $12.00 dollars on them which comes to a total of about $51.00 dollars a week [missing page]

Seen it yet but hope to get it. I am still going up at Rudes and the only G.F. guys who is 4f don’t you wish you was, I don’t think you would with no one around. Do you get any letters from mac or Joe I got one from Joe and Mac, lately. Are you still getting letters from all the girls in Youngstown you big flirt they won’t even look at poor little me, there all thinking about you handsome boy am I jealous of you. I sure do miss you a lot and wish you were here having here. I have been praying for you to come home before I leave so I can see what the army has done for you. I am only signed up for two years or what you call two durations.

As I finish this letter from yesterday I just got a call to leave to-morrow morning at 4:45 A.M. so the next time I write I’ll be in the U.S.N. right were I want to be so as soon as I am able to write I will give you my address.

I told you after you went I would get in so here I am, well kid I’ll see you I have to go to supper so long.

God Bless You

Your Pal

Harry Tomaim

P.S. Don’t take no brass buttons (rationed)

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