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June 15, 1921.

Updated: Sep 25, 2023


Dearest K,

I can’t understand why U. haven’t heard from me but once. I’m quite sure that I have written three times any way. I received the candy “Mavis” last night and My but it sure is good. I like it just fine. Every-body was crazy about it. Especially me – Your letter came this morning and I’m sorry that U. haven’t gotten my letters. I’m sure that I have written to U. although I have been quite busy. Then_U. Haven’t heard about the accident have U? The first Sun. that I was home. Mr. Gorday came up and U. + I decided to go back with him and stay with Rubie a few day. We ran in the ditch on our way down- no use of going into detail as I suppose U. will have received my letter eve this. Mr. Gorday was hurt real bad, face was cut in several places and had to take several stitches we were shaken up quite a good deal but no bones broken.

Have been working some but with the house full of kids, there is not much time or quit for any thing. Have send U. a telegram before that U. can come, if not I’m looking forward to seeing U. the 25th. Lots of Love,


P.S. Mella is leaving for her vacation the 1stof July. Ralph gets married the 30th of June to Slim.

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