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June 14, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear Mom:

I received your letter Monday, and I thank you for the stamps. Just what I need! Yes, I received the things you sent me. But please sed me hangers about 5 to hang my clothes, and also see if Pa can get a “Pants presser” at a Department Store. Please, send it? I very glad to hear people call up for me. Boy, I miss you all. How’s Gramma, Did Joe get good grades on his card. Is he helping Pa now down the store!

Vicky, wrote me a letter, but she didn’t send any cookies. I wrote to Mrs. Zojac! No, Ralph Colla is not in my hut, but me and him took about 2 rolls of ilm together. Me and him are on the same baseball team. Yes, I beginning to like the army. There are many interesting things I’m learning, it’s for my own good. Today, we went on a 9 mile hike. Boy, was it hot! The Radio you sent is playing all of the time. No, I haven’t written to Uncle Steve, but I guess Bobby will be going to the Army soon! (over)

Very happy to hear that Yolanda had a baby boy. Congratulate Uncle Joe for me! I’ll drop her a card. She probably be very busy now! Say hello to Frank Del Bone! Tell Joe to go to South and try out for the different teams and clubs! Pick out good subjects for him, because it will help him a lot in the future. Now, I wish I went to school. So Frank D’Sea is going to the Army soon. He will probably get a rating of somekind?

Will write soon again! I’m very tired today, so I’m closing love and kisses to all!

P.S. Wish Pa, the best of luck and all the happiness in the world for Fathers Day! I miss him very much! Mostly you, Ma!

Your Son


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