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June 13, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Mom Dear:

I received your letter today. I also received the stamps and the Radio, camera, and watch. Thanks alot! Please send me about 5 steel hangers so that I can hang my clothes up. My boils are healing up now. Feeling fine now? I started taking pictures of different fellows. Me and Ralph Callo took a lot together just as soona s I get them developed, I’ll send them to you. Send me a picture of the whole family and Uncle Joe. By the way a picture of me and girl is suppose to come threw the mail. Please send the picture to me. Then I’ll send it to the girl.

I’m glad you and Mrs. Zojac call each other up and come over. She a swell lady? Say hello to her. I’ll write to her just as soon as possible. The past weeks have been receiving gas masks and tents and guns. Also learning how to operate all of them. So I’ve been pretty busy. There sure is a lot to learn at once in such a short time. We also have to keep our huts clean for inspection. We had clothes inspection Saturday. And I was perfect. I beginning to like the Army now. It’s going slow, but sure on me. I received a letter from harry and he told me he was leaving for the Navy in about a week. Got a letter from Eddy Kit he’s in the Navy also.

Yes, Jennie send me my picture, do you like them! The fellows like the picture, but they didn’t like the suit. Don’t forget the handers, Mom! Did you get the cushion slip I sent you! Tell me?

Your Son,


P.S. Tell Pa I wrote you for him and the family

All my love to yourself

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