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June 13, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Store 4pm

Dear Ralph,

We have your letter of June 9th which we received yesterday. Your long letters full of detail are something for me especially of big surprise when I look at my own record of writing. In all my life I didn’t write as many letters as you did in a short space of two weeks remembering us as well relations and friends; well that is something that makes me very happy.

I know you will keep up your good start and it is up to me to catch up in writing with you, which I know will not be easy for me.

I made several attempt to write but, I fail because either I was to nervous, or tired or I had to go shopping with mother in evenings; so I got myself together today at store this afternoon and decided to write you even if were only few lines.

Well we are glad to hear that you are feeling better, and getting somewhat use to army life, aven dough it is hard on all boys; I am sure it will make a man of you.

By the time you get this letter I presume you will be enjoying your radio which was sent by the Parcel Post June the 8th.

Should you be transferred from this camp to be sure to take the radio along with you, otherwise sent it back, because there is no small radio available here. I also sent you the camera with extra films, which are very hard to get, so do not waste your film. The watch I sent it to you just as you left it, I hope is O.K. otherwise sent it back. The hangers that you ask in your letter probably I send them tomorrow. If there is something else that you like to have let us know.

Today Sunday as usual I was at the church, grandmother went to Brierhill to the celebration of St. Anthony feast to pray in particular for you and for peace all over the world.

When I came home from Church there was Elizabeth Theodore with her lovely babies and they stayed for dinner, after I drove them to their home. Early was working today and was through at 3pm.

Please drop a card to the Olsons and the Reynaults they all ask how you ere.

I would like to write a good deal more but to make it sure that this letter will not be delayed or postponed I quit now with the wishes that this letter may find you in good health and happy.

Love and kisses from all and specially from your dad


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