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June 11, 1943.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Dear mom:

I received your letter. I’m trying to answer them as fast as you write them. If I don’t write as much it means I’m very busy and also I’m trying to answer other letters. I am now getting along allright with my boils. I’m putting on some weight now, about 4 pounds now. You know it isn’t true about getting rest here. Because I’m not even getting as much rest here as when home. Not only that, but I’m even working harder.

I’m beginning to like it now here? Beside I here all my boyfriends are leaving, and Youngstown is dead. Mom, did you get the pillar slip I sent you? Yes, I wrote to Bobby Torbon. I’ve asked different fellows, if they heard where his camp was in Texas. But they never heard of that camp. Yes, I heard Mac, is in Texas. I think he’s in San-Antonio Texas. That’s about 200 miles away from where I’m at.

I wish you would send the things I wanted, please? No, I don’t want the Vindicator send here, I haven’t time to read it. I’m still quarantine in camp. Just as soon as I get to a town, I’ll have my picture taken and send it to you. What is Joey doing now?

Mom, did you put some of my clothes in moth balls?

We just had a Dress Parade, in front of the General of the whole Battalion. There were about 3,000 took part. Boy, it sure was great to be in it. It made you feel proud of yourself.

Well in closing I just wish I were home with the family. You never know, how I miss you? Say, hello, to Gramma, Pa, Uncle Joe, I got a reply from the letters I sent to Joe + Gusta D., and also Mrs. Donmuller. Say, hello to Mrs. Reynolds. I’ve have t lot to write to different people.

Well adios,

Your Son


P.S. God Bless you all

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