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June 1, 1943.

Dear mom:

Finally reached my camp after 3 days of traveling. Haven’t wash or showered in three days, because there were 2 wash rooms for about 300 men. There were floods along the different states. I’m now in Texas. In the Anti Aircraft Gun Division. I choosed the Air Corps of course, but it doesn’t mean a thing. It depends where they need men most. I’ve been drilling and marching for the first day and for K.P. we had to load box cars of ammunition. They say we have to train for 6 months and maybe I might get a furlough. Its just a new Camp and it really isn’t on a system yet. I’m 2 miles from the Gulf of Mexico. Boy, it sure is hot down here. My face is real red from the sun. Tell Joe, I’ll send him some insignia of the camp, just as soon as they come in. Have been very busy. This is the first time I had a chance to write in a week. I’m trying to write cards and letters to everybody. You sure appreciate letters out here. The biggest town around here is Houston and its 110 miles away. We are practically in the wilderness. Ralph Colla, and a few boys from Youngstown I now are here too. Lots of Italians and Polish fellows are here. The Sergeants and Lieutenants are a swell bunch. I’m fine and this training is I know will do me good. I eat like a hog? I would like you to send me my watch and a camera. I would like a little radio out here too. Send them when you got time. Tell me if you received my cards and letters that I sent. I’ll appreciate yours too and things if you send them! Say hello to Pa and Uncle Joe and Gramma. Tell them I’m fine and don’t worry. Joe, left a day ahead of me, sad don’t know where he’s at. But I wrote to Vicky to tell me his address. This outfit is rated second to the air force. It’s a swell place. We have to be guaranteed for 2 weeks. That means we aren’t allowed to get away from the camp.

If I ever get a furlough I’ll come home by airplane. It’s faster, but it will cost more. The train is too long. They only give you 10 days plus traveling. Of course, there are a lot of things I go to find out about. But I’ll write later and I’ll be more of things.

If there are things you want to know about the Camp you write and tell me. I sure do miss Youngstown, and the kids, and home. They keep you so busy here, you don’t have time to think of things home and what you left behind. Well, I’m about to go to bed now, I’m very tired? Have been writing letters since 6 o’clock and its now 10:30 P.M.

Your Son,


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