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June 1, 1920.

Camp Travis, Tex

Dear Mother

Well at last we are in San Antonio, having arrived here about a week ago. This is a pretty good camp here, much better than Ft. Bliss, We have larger wooden contronments here and many more amusements than we had in Ft. Bliss, such as Service Clubs, gymnasium, picture shows, etc.

I’ve given up all hope of getting to Camp Val. We were too late when we reached here so they will have to wait till the next class starts which will be in August or September. I will be discharged in September though so I guess I will not get to go.

This is the rainy season down here now, the months of April June and July. And the mud, it reminds me of the old days in “sunny” France. That needs no further description. The rains don't last long btu well, I would hardly call them rains either the bottom nerely drops out of the clouds and -- it pours. They have a rest camp in Brownsville about thirty five miles from here and allow a certain number to go there each week. There is a bunch leaving for there today. I may go there in a week or so after I find out what it is.

I am being transferred to the Headquarters Co now as I am a dispatch rider for hqrs.

The Second Division is in station here or Camp Ennis and we are attached to them. We are the only mounted organization in this camp saide from the Engineer who came with us from El Paso. Well it won’t be long now before I’ll be a “civy” once more. I would certainly like to get back in time to do deer hunting this summer. It seems years since I’ve been hunting or fishing.

Is Beth going to school next year? How is Sarah getting along in the hospital? She has only one more year to graduate, doesn’t she?

Well I had better stop asking so many questions and try to get this letter off this morning.

As ever,


Headquarters Co.

7th Signal Batt.

Camp Travis


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