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July 9, 1943.

Dearest Mother:

Received your most awaited letter, but I’m sorry I haven’t written. But I just got my mail today. I came in the hospital Monday and this is the first chance that I felt good to write. While here I got a case of an upset stomach and boy I was up all night with it. The nurse said I took enough dope for 4 fellows and still I didn’t go to sleep. But I’m feeling well now. To bad it had to rain on the 4th July. Yes, I had a good time if you want to call cleaning rifles fun? Yes, I received the pictures and the candy and book. That was very thoughtful of you Mom? Thank you with all my heart! Glad you liked the pictures.

Do you see Harry’s mother much. Harry wrote to me. He says he is with Eddy also? So Frankie D’sela is in Texas. That’s about 365 miles from my camp. Bob Torbron is at the same Camp. And it really is a rough outfit. It is a “Tank Destroyer Outfit”. He probably will get it easy anyhow?

Don’t worry about Vicky. I know how she acts also. Here I don't give a damn for nobody now. I just try to own my own business. Because here anybody will try to get you in trouble? Yes, I got payed $50.00 - 6.50 insurance, 12.50 Bond - the total was $29.65. Yes I’m saving it. There isn’t any place to spend it anyhow? It only takes about $40.00 to come home? I sure do miss the G.F. pays and I bet you do also. Only thing I’m worried is that I can go back to work there again? Do I have any money in the Bank home and don’t you have some money that people gave me and in which I gave you. About how much is it?

I think I get a furlough in 6 months for sure? If I don’t write at times Mom it means we are out of Camp. Because these last months on the big Funs it will happen after 5 or 6 days at a time? What is Joey doing with himself. How is Grandma. I miss her very much. I miss you all very much. Can’t wait till I’m home again? Well till next time, adios!

Love Always,


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