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July 9, 1943.

Dearest Darling:

I do hope you are feeling better. I am so worried about you, hon. Please take good care of yourself. Those darn boils are the darndest things to have.

No, honey, you’re not seeing red, this is red ink.

I haven’t received any mail from you for two days now, but you must be pretty busy.

I thought I’d pass out today, I saw Edith. The first time in a couple of weeks. Boy, does she miss her june jime. She’s going crazy looking for a job, no one will hire her because she is only 17.

Vicky came in the store to see me today. Joe doesn’t write to her anymore. She doesn’t give a darn. Some people.

Honey, I have a correction to make from the last letter. Harry isn’t leaving for the Army, it’s the Navy. He is leaving this Monday.

Johnny La Guardia is going for his examinations this Monday to Akron. Gee, is he ever blue.

Gee, is that picture, “Stage Door Canteen” a hit. Everytime I pass the Warner’s there is a long line waiting to go in. Every one is raving about it. I wish you were here to see it.

Starting next Tuesday, Blue Barron’s Orchestra is coming to the Palace Theatre. Gee, hon, how I wish you were here to see all the bands.

Have you been on the Rifle Range again? How did you make out?

Are you having a good time at the camp entertainments? Have you gone to town yet? I hope you can soon, if you haven’t gone yet.

How is Colla and Moe? Have Ferdi and his girl married yet?

Drummer is 4-F. He has sinus trouble. I’ll never date him again. Not because he’s 4-F but because of what he did one Sunday about two weeks ago. Here is how it all started. He came in the store one day and asked me for a date the next Sunday. He wanted me to get a girl for his boy-friend. So I asked Virginia, Creamy’s cousin.

Drummer said he’d call Saturday night to make sure everything was ok. Saturday noon, I went to Woolworth’s where Virginia works and I asked her if she wanted to come. She said that she couldn’t let me know for sure until Sunday noon.

Saturday night, Drummer called and I told him what Virg. said. He was pretty sore and said whether she came or not, that I was to go with him anyway. I said maybe, for him to call Sunday noon.

Sunday noon, Virg. called and said she couldn’t make it, so I didn’t want to go either. A little later Drummer called and said this is - Bill calling. I couldn’t imagine who it was. But just as soon as I heard his voice, I knew it was Drummer. He said he was Bill and that I had met him at the Elms and wanted me to date him Sunday night. I told him that I didn’t go out with strangers. He kept on insisting that he was Bill and I kept telling him he was Drummer. He kept up for about 10 minutes. Boy, I was so mad, that I hung up on him. About 3 minutes later he called back and I told my sister to tell him I wasn’t home.

He just did all that to try and find out why I wouldn’t go out with him that night. I thought it was pretty darn low and tricky of him. So that night, I went dancing at Idona with Mary and he was there. He saw me and was ashamed to even look at me. I knew for sure than that it was him that had called. I just said hello and kept on walking. Every time he sees me now he looks pretty sorry, but I don’t even pay any attention to him.

I can’t even compare him with you, hon. As a matter of fact, no one can compare with you.

Hon, have you written to your mother about that little misunderstanding yet? Did you receive your pictures yet?

Please write soon, I miss you so darn much. Your letters keep me from being so lonesome. All my love and kisses.

Forever Your Own,


P.S. Dearest I love you so much

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