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July 8, 1943.

Dear Ranny,

Received your letter Tuesday and just the same day Stevie (you remember him don’t you?) sent me a pretty pin and pillow case. Are they cute. And was I surprised.

I haven’t go dancing so often nowadays. In the first place there are hardly and boys who could dance. That’s all you see at the Park is soldiers and they don’t know how to dance.

They transferred me, my sister and some other girls to a new Canteen and I have to work a shift all by myself. And do get lonesome at times. But that the good part about it is that I get every Sunday off. Charlie Barnet is coming to the Park on the 13th.

Do you remember a girl named Dorothy, I know her last name but I can’t spell it. She lives off Steel St. and runs around with a blonde girl named Virginia Lutse. Well any way she works down the Cafeteria.

What in the world does W.O.O.L.A.A.K.O.E.W. mean. I can’t make it out and I want so much to know what it means.

Please send me a picture. I want to see what you look like in a uniform. I can’t even picture you in one.

Do the kids down there in Texas drape out? Are they good dancers? Bet they jitterbug different than we do.

Freddie Schaffer and his all girl orchestra are playing at the Park now and I don’t like them at all.

Any Kirner works down the mill, I think as a chemist and he told the girls at the Cafeteria that I couldn’t dance a step till he taught me how. How do you like that. Can’t wait till I see him. Please write soon and don’t forget about the picture.



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