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July 8, 1943.

Dear Ranny

I received your letter, it sure took long to get there. I know that you don’t have very much time to write, but write as offen as you can because I look forward to getting your letters. Maybe its because I miss you and in reading your letters I feel better.

I hope you can get in the hospital so you can get some rest. If they don’t stop working you hard, I’ll come down there and break their necks. So you want me to come and see you, you know thats impossible in the first place my Mother wouldn’t let me and second I’m not working anymore. Now if I was going steady or engaged to the boy, it would be different. Its swell to hear that you want to send me the money and want to see me but its impossible. You now your self that my Mother would not let me. Thanks anyhow! (Your sweet)

I’m sending you a picture of myself in a bathing suit. I took these last year, I still don’t see why you want a picture of me in a bathing suit. And I don’t have a sharp shape as you say, maybe if i wasn’t so fat I would. I have my hair up, I was going out that night and the other girl is my girlfriend, I hope you don’t mind because that’s the only picture I have in a bathing suit.

By the way, I still waiting for your picture and I’ll have to wait a long time before I get it. I shouldn’t send this picture because you have one of me and I don’t have any of you.

I’m glad to hear that Fred and Angie are getting married but I didn’t know that they were down. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t get a chance to leave the camp but you will. How are your boils? I hope you didn’t get any more. I had a fair time 4th July but if you were where I would have had a better time. I went out the Park as I always do.

Remember at the Elma I use to dance with mat and then he stopped asking me to dance well the reason was because I had a date with him, and I stood him up because of you, I had a date with you on Sat, and Mat ask me to go out with him on Fri, but he ask me first and then you ask me, that was the first date I had with yo. After I had said yes to Mat, I knew damn well my Mother wouldn’t let me go out Fri, Sat. with different boys so I stood May up and went out with you when I should have done the opposite. After that he never ask me to dance and after four month he ask me to dance Mon. and I ask him if that was the reason he didn’t ask me to dance and it was! But now we’re friends.

I wish you could come home it would be swell to see you, why don’t you try and then we’d fix things up like you said.

I received another pillow slip from Steve, now I have two. I not going to use any because I want to keep them. His don’t have “Sweetheart” like yours that’s why I like yours better. Maybe you don’t mean anything by that. But still I like it. He send me a pan too, its cute. Do you know that your the only boy that has my pictures. All the boys I write as me for my picture but they don’t get any, not because I don’t want to send them any its because I don’t have any. But you have two now. I don’t see you how rate two. I bet you have a pull! Ha ha.

Do you know that I was setting here writing to you and I wrote eight pages. That’s the longest letter I ever wrote. You should have been here the 4th, it rained all day it was terrible. Please send me your picture, I want to see what you look like in a uniform and you get a haircut, I bet you look cute. My Mother said Hello, drop her a line or two if you have time, she be glad to hear from you. Well I running out of words now its about time. Write soon and so long for now, take care of yourself and “God Bless You”.

Love and Kisses


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