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July 7, 1943.

Dear Darling:

I have had another dose of my medicine today which is keeping me in good health. The name of the medicine is “Rendoodle’s Letter”. Its the best medicine any doctor can prescribe. Each day I hear from you is a new thrill every time. I would be so blue without your mail. As blue as this ink.

Oh, Ranny I thought your boils were gon. It must be the heat there that brings them out. Do take good care of them. They spread easily so be careful. I wish I could be there to be your nurse. Have you caught any colds lately? I had one but got rid of it right away by not doing anything for it.

I’m awfuly glad to hear that you were a success at the Rifle Range. Did you keep score well? I hope you are a success with the 40 milimeter gun also.

Hooray! I was a little lucky today and bought films. So, honey it won’t be long now, just as soona s I take them and have them developed, I’ll send them to you. I could hardly wait until I see yours.

I’m glad you heard from Bob. For a while, I thought something had happened to hi. It’s too bad he doesn’t like the Army.

More good news: Mary heard from Creamy today. He hadn’t been transferred. He was on the Rifle Range for 7 days and couldn’t write. Mary is ok now.

More news: Home and Bea got together again. He wants her to go down where he is and get married. Bea is undecided. But you never saw anyone happier.

I still haven’t seen Edith. I won’t even know her when I do see her.

Yes, dear, the boys here still get a 14-day furlough when they are drafted.

Do you remember Harry? He is a Greek and a perfect jitterbug. He left for the Army this week.

I haven’t heard from Joe either for a while. He must be sore at me because I told him that I was going to pull out Vicky’s weeds. Who cares?

No, we didn’t to go to Cleveland. It’s a good thing that we didn’t because it just poured all day. Just as it did last year. I’ll never forget that day. So many things happened that day.

I would have been perfect, if I hadn’t been ill. But you were a perfect doctor.

And I’ll never forget the trip to Craigs Beach. What we wouldn’t do for those good old days.

One of these days, Helen + I are going to drive out to the Airport and go for an airplane ride. I’ve always wanted to go for one but never did.

Did you ever ride in an airplane?

You were right, Sugar, Bob Astor wasn’t as good as he used to be. He has all new boys in his band, all except one, the hunch-back boy. I told him to play “In the Blue of Evening” Sunday night, and he said they couldn’t. I was surprised.

I saw him down the Hotel and and told him about it, and he said that they were going to practice on it. While I was at it, I told him to practice “You’ll Never Know” which he can’t play also. He said that he would.

I saw Gibby + Larry at the dance Sunday. They asked about you and said hello. They are nice boys.

“You’ll Never Know” is playing. I just have to stop to listen, hon. (pause)

It’s so beautiful. I could listen to it over and over again.

Did I tell you that Harry James and Betty Grable married on the 4th of July? What a bang! Pretty sharp couple.

A wonderful picture is starting at the Warner’s tomorrow. The name is “Stage Door Canteen”. There will be soldiers in it, 6 orchestras: Kay Kaser, Guy Lombarde, Cugat, Freddy Martin, Count Basie, and Benny Goodman. There’s also a cast of about 50 people. A lot of famous stars and radio performers. I think it will be a wonderful picture. I missed Bowling last week on account of our picnic. The kids said they all missed me, they didn’t have much fun. We’ll probably go next week again.

Yankee Lake is opened only on Saturday night. No-one goes out there. They might close altogether.

Hon, I hope nothing ever happens between you and me. It would break my heart. Missing you more + more every day. Can’t wait until I see you, hon. We most certainly will make up for lost time. Until next time, God Bless You, hon.

Forever Yours


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