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July 6, 1943.

Dearest Mom:

Just a few lines to tell you what’s been happen here. As I told you before we are now starting on the 40 millimeter Gun. The beginning of the week we went out on a Field Problem with them. But as I told you I am still suffering from boils. So I was sent back from the Field. I am now writing from the hospital . Been in since Monday morning. They just cut them open Tuesday. I always have a hot towel on them. One is on my leg the other my right elbow. I just barely write? I probably won’t receive any mail or packages till I’m out of the hospital. But I’ll try to write just as much as possibly. Say hello to everybody. All my Love + kisses?

Your lovely Son,


P.S. The Chaplain just visited me, and gave me a swell lecture. A swell fellow. Don’t worry about me!

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