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July 4, 1943.

Dear Mom:

I received your letter of June 30. So it is hot in Youngstown well it hasn’t been very hot here in fact it has been raining quite alot? The evening here are rather cool because we are so close to the Bay. Glad to hear Paul is back? Is he in the Parachute troops. Yes, I finally got a letter from Bob Torbom he has been transferred to a different camp that is why I haven’t heard from him. He doesn’t like the army. He is still in Texas?

I’m very sorry I haven’t written, btu I’ve been so busy here I don’t know where to start. I have been on the Rifle Range for 4 days and when we came back we had to clean rifles as etc. When that was all done I was so tired I’ve been going straight to bed. Do you know + haven’t left this camp since I been here! The only chance I get to write is Sundays, I hope you had a good time this 4th July.

I miss you very much mom. In fact this is the worst 4th I ever spent not only because I’m away from home. But I can’t even go to town because I can hardly walk. I have been having trouble again with boils again. I got one on my foot and its infected and one on my arm. Boy, do they hurt. I’m going to try to go to the hospital. When I get a chance Mom, I’ll call you up on the phone. Lately I haven’t been feeling good? Please hurry with those films? See if you can get more films.

Do you know mom, Joe still thinks I like Vicky. I heard from Jennie that he is made about it. Does Mrs. Zojac know that she comes up to the house that much. Ralph Colla is going to get transferred to the Parachute troops. Sunday we all changed huts so that we could be in the right squads for our Aircraft Guns. Boy, was everything messed up? Mom, will you please send some stamps, some Jockey underwear, and the T shirts that I have home. We have completed 4 weeks of basic training now. Started from now on we are going to be on the Anti Aircraft Gun. Inclosed you will find a picture of the Gun. It is used against Airplanes. It takes 14 men to run it. Please forget the matter about Jennie. There’s lots of time after this is all over to think about girls. I write to them all. Frances De Augustine writes very nice letters. You know I think I could go with her Mom.

Your Son


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