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July 29, 1940.


My darling:

Gee, I am tired. We had to work this morning and this afternoon until about three. Then I came home and Cornell, Pat, Stuart and I played 7 sets of tennis. Stuart and I won five of them. But I am tired. It is now 11:25 and I have been playing bridge with the folks. I had an opportunity to talk to dad tonight but when I decided to start I got all scared and tied up.

Gee, darling, I hope it all works out so I can see you next weekend. Dad + mom are leaving for New Mexico.

It is a new place and I know they will have a swell time. Cornell and I are planning a lot of fun here. I wish that you could be here to take care of us.

Cornell just came in and is getting undressed and he says hello to you. I still haven’t gotten your secret out of him. I have to wait until I can get something on him before he will tell me.

Darling, I am so tired -- do you mind if I cut this a little short and just say

I love you


My darling:

I have arrived safely -- that is about all I can say. I am really sleepy -- had to stop twice for coffee.

Jim slept nearly all the way.

Oh, darling, I hated to leave you and I love you so very much. I can hardly wait now until 2 weeks when you will be down here.

I just have to get to bed now --

I love you


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