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July 29, 1934.

Mondsee July 29, 1934

On July 25th 1934 something terrible happened – a big blow for the whole Austria. The Chancellor Dr. Engelbert Dollfuss has been murdered. This took place like this:

On that day two trucks with armed men, of course Nazis - drove in front of the house and captured everyone they could find. The Chancellor wanted to step forward but the Secretary of State Mr. Kawinski pulled him back and forced him into his office to hinder the Chancellor from stepping forward. He opened the door to step over the threshold when shots were fired. Not much could be seen, only that the Chancellor collapsed covered in blood…

In the afternoon it was asked who could assist with the emergency bandage, the captives volunteered and were taken into the room where at a window Chancellor Dollfuss lay on the floor bleeding and unconscious. They lifted him up and helped him regain consciousness. He requested to be taken to the sanatorium or that a doctor or a priest be summoned.

Both were denied to the badly wounded Chancellor by the horrible Nazis who replied they are not allowed to let anyone out of the house. They brought Minister Far to the Chancellor who comforted him that he only had a light flesh wound, the Chancellor didn’t really believe him because he could feel his arms and legs getting numb. He had been shot in the right armpit and under the left ear. His last words were, “Folks, you are good to me! I thank you. Why isn’t everyone like you. I only wanted peace! May God have mercy on the rest. Please send my regards to my wife and children. I don’t want to shed blood, you Fay will have to find a way out of this situation without more human sacrifice. Do you believe that peace can be achieved with those misguided people?”

After that the Chancellor’s breathing got stertorous, he threw up blood and passed away at 3.45 pm on the same day. The Chancellor is gone – he bled to death…

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