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July 25, 1943.

Hello Brother

Well I got your letter today and also the pictures. I was glad to hear you was out of the hospital. Say what did they do cut your boils open. About what you sait getting married after the war I think that is very good advice, for I could not support her with the $78.00 a month which I will get when I come back on my furlough. We do not go out up here the only women we see are the ones that work in the hostess house or the Canteen. I do not do any dancing at all the is no one interested in it enough.

Most of the boy in my barracks have instruments and we have fun trying to dance in here. We hav what is called a happy hour this goes on every Sunday night, we have what they call the Great Lakes Band which consists of players from name Bands. Say could you tell me when those guys left for the navy. Say find out what camp mine is Green Bay and don’t forget what the Barracks number mine is 2808.

Boy you think your being rushed why were going to graduate ahead of schedule. By the way my mother was up here yesterday and today as visitors which we are aloud to h every Saturday and Sunday. I will send you a picture as soon as I get a chance to take one.

Your Brother,


P.S. well jack until you scratch of some more

May God Bless You

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