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July 25, 1943.

Hello Ralph

Well I guess you have heard that I had another furlough. We were out in the woods when they started furloughs again. It came as a complete surprise to me because I wasn’t expecting to get home any more. I even had to borrow money for Railroad fare. But I made it. I had a darn good time while home too. We don’t do so much working in the office rainting school any more. Most of the time is spent in the field trying to make solider out of us. Yes I’m still a Pfc will be for a long time too.

I guess your getting on too the old routine now. Guard Duty and such stuff.

Round trip on the train from here is $21. Not bad. But it is too slow. 27 to 35 hours one way.

Yes I guess Bobby will be in the Army soon.

I’ve been in the army too long. 19 months so far about 25 more I expect.

Well take things easy, don’t look too long at those big Texas women.

Bye for Long


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