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July 24, 1943.

Hello Ranny,

Do I remember you, I sure do; can’t forget Ranny the jitter-bug?

Just think Ranny in Texas, a mean and beautiful girl just think what the boys back home are missing. They say beautiful girls come from Texas. Have you been in the city and surrounding towns?

From what you write it must be a very interesting diversion to work for. Ranny, indeed I hope you are doing a good job in tracking down a good many planes. Its wonderful to hear that you enjoy it for its very exciting. How are your boils? I do wish you out of the hospital and in the best of health.

Down here their are 10 soldiers to every girl, but lousey dancers, you find very few good ones.

I heard Whitey is coming home in a Week, so I guess Harry will also. We’ve been having some wonderful weather, I wish it says this way.

Teddy Powdell was at the Park Thursday. The place was packed, I had a swell time. Many of the good dancers went home on furlough. I still go twice a week if I don’t go else where.

I don’t have a picture, a very good of myself, fan I’ve been giving those out. I am having a few taken and will send you one, when I get them. In the meantime why not send one of your self, I’d love to have one, so please do. Your girlfriend sure is looking sharp, I see her quite often. Sending my regards and hope to hear from you soon.

I remain,


P.S. When I am jitterbugging I’ll be thinking of you. So long.

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