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July 22, 1943.

Dearest Ralph:

Your dear letter was received few days ago and we want you to know that Joe, Shirley and I were very happy to get it. So sorry that you are still bothered with those blasted, boils. I hope that by now you are in best of health, feeling really well and mostly happy. Was glad to know that you like to more each day. We sure miss you Ralph and sincerely wish that it won’t be long before you will be home again with us all especially with your dear Mother + dad, who think of you every second of the day and I don’t blame them at all because you are a very good and sweet boy something to be very proud of. Shirley is fine, she said that she sends you a big kiss. Ralph try and send us a snap shot of your self in you happen to have one. We sure would love to have it. You spoke about Frank D’Isa in your letter. Yes, I heard he also is in the Army. He did not care to say good bye to us when he left I don’t care either. He don’t mean a thing to me. He is related only to my husband. I speak in this manner, because those people never cared about me. Therefore any one whom dislikes me. Well honey boy, I hope you still like me, a little ha - ha- ha I want to make you laugh ha- ha take care of your self dear and be good. Write when ever you get the time don’t forget. Joe sends you his best Wishes and Love from us both. And hoping that you are all better in every way. God Bless You.

Sincerely Your Aunt


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