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July 2, 1943.

Dearest Ranny:

Received your card and was most certainly glad to hear from you. I haven’t heard for a couple of days but I understand that you can’t write while on Gun practice. I meant to write sooner but just couldn’t get around to it. By the way, who is the little blonde that you’re sitting with beneath the moon? I’d say she is pretty cute.

Ranny I can’t for the life of me find films. I’m going crazy looking for them. But I’ll keep on trying.

How did you make out on the Rifle Range? How did May and Colla make out? How are the newly-weds?

Hon, Mary hasn’t heard from Creamy over a week now. Neither has his parents or anyone else? Did you hear from him? Everyone is worried about him. Since he is though with Basic Training there is a possibility that he is being moved. Let us know if you know anything about him.

Homer and Bea broke up altogether. I can’t believe it. I certainly thought that they would make a go of it.

Would you believe that I haven’t seen Edith ever since that Saturday she told me about your mother? I can’t imagine where she’s at. Everytime I call her up, she’s not home. Marie told me that she never goes up there anymore nor even bothers to call. Oh, well that’s enough for gossip.

Hon, what do you mean that Colla told you alot of things between him and Jennie, but not bad? I hope that you didn’t tell him about us, or did you already? Please don’t for my sake, hon.

I told you that Mary + I were going to Cleveland on the 4th but we changed our minds. We’ll probably go to Idona to see Bob Astor.

Hon, I was going to write last night but I was so darn tired and sleepy, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. We had our picnic last night and what a picnic. We had a perfect time.

There were about 50 people altogether that attended the picnic.

At 5 o’clock, we closed the store and went straight to Idona. But first, we put our draps on. When we reached the park, we chose teams and played Baseball for a while. I was Catcher and Pitcher. Did we have fun. I struck out the Manager. Naturally, our side won, the score was 11-7.

After the game, we were famished, so we went up to eat. Talk about eats, we had food galore. I thought that I would bust. I’ll give you a general idea of what we ate: all kinds of sandwiches (hams, cheese, hot dogs), pickles, potato salad, cakes, potato chips, pop, watermelon and ice cream. We had a lot of food left over, so we called some soldiers over and did that food disappear fast.

After we ate, everyone wanted to entertain them by dancing. I just couldn’t dance, I was so full. We had the victrola there and some solid records.

Helen one of the girls at the store, she always goes dancing + I entertained for about ½ hour. We danced on one of the tables. By then, I was all flagged out. It was about 8 o’clock then, so we all went on rides and went down to the Heidleberg and about 9:30 we went in the Dance-hall.

It was really solid, it was pretty packed. Mostly with Smitty. Do you remember him? He’s that tall blond boy that goes with Wally. He used to drive a taxi, but not anymore. He is teaching me a lot new steps. He wanted me to date him Wednesday but I refused him.

Hon, Charlie Barnet is coming July 13th on Tuesday. I wish you were here to see him. Really hon, I miss you and your dancing. I hope you get a furlough soon. I’m praying that you do.

Well, to continue my story, after the dance, I came straight home and read your card, but I was so tired, I couldn’t write. I won’t let it happen again, hon.

Tell me what you’ve been doing lately? Have you been having alot of fun at your dances? Please do and write soon, hon.



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