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July 18, 1943.

Hello Brother Joe:

Glad to get a little card from you. I was hoping you wrote to me. How about sending me one of your pictures we have home? I bet your getting to be quite a big boy now? What grade are you in? When you go back to school get in all the Hi. Y’s and Torch Clubs you can? Take up good subjects because they will help you in the end. I hoped I took what mama told me to because it sure would have help me in the Army. You don’t know how glad you are not in the Army. We work all day and get little rest. And you can’t talk back either. You just got to take it! Have a good time now. I hope you go out for South High football team. Get your hang together and go out. Of course you won’t make it at just but in years to come you will. How much do you weigh now?

Glad your helping Pa? Do you deliver your own Paper route or do you help somebody? I sending you one of our Camp Insignia. We have to wear them on all our shirts and coats. Are you wearing my clothes a lot? Help mama out as much as you can. I bet Youngstown is still dead now. Tell mama hello, also that I won’t be able to write all week because I’m leaving for a Field Problem for 5 days and I won’t be able to write. I’ll be working all time. It’s like actual combat. Tell her I’m fine, and give Grama and Pa my best regards.

Well Joe don’t forget to write, I know how you like to write letters, but try!

Your Brother,


P.S. Tell mama I couldn’t phone her today, because we had to work all day getting ready for our Field Problem. I’ll call her next Sunday.

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