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July 18, 1943.

Hi Pal

Received your letter and was very glad to hear from you. You don’t have to tell me about being busy because I know how it is myself.

Ralf you asked me what I was going to be well kid I am going to be a first class water tender. I have a red stripe on my arm. I am not going to school as far as I know but I might.

Ralf when you get his letter I will be going home. The 24 of July only 5 days from today.

So don’t ans this letter till I give you my new ans. Unless you want to write to me at home while I am on leave I hope you do.

Your not kidding about having a nice time. Harry Keneth the kid with the convertible and Smithy you know that small kid with the blond hair well they are all here but one and that’s you. It sure is tough.

Harry Smith and I played cards all day yesterday we were playing with the hostess boy was she built. We had a grand time.

No Ralf we don’t leave camp for two months and then we can leave every other day and Sat and Sunday.

It won’t be long know. Harry has three more weeks to go and Keneth four. So after this week I will not see them for a while maybe a long while.

Well if you want to call Chicago small there not any big towns around. I really don’t know I haven’t left camp since I left did you? I just got a letter from Kay. It was a honey. I was all so on the Rifle range. I sure made out good I thought I would miss all of the targets but I didn’t.

I feel pretty good but I wish we were all together and having a good time at the Riptide like we used to remember. Well when it is all over I guess we’ll do it again.

Do you hear from Joe much I sent him a card but haven’t heard from him.

It’s tough about your feet maybe you can get a discharge but I wouldn’t take it because know one is back home know. Mat hasn’t gone to the Navy yet. I think he is four F.

Kay and I are getting alone fine so far? As I know she’s been going out but she tell me.

But it don’t make any difference because we are not going steady?

I know they do dancing together but Jennie goes home with many and Kay goes home with soldiers. When you write ask how much she really likes me and ask her what her plans are for after the war?

Don’t say that I asked you to asked her.

I will send a picture as soon as I can. Ralf when you ans this letter my address will be 485 Greenwood Ave

I hope to hear fro you before I come home from leave my other address will be changed, I don’t have any idea what its going t obe. Well Ralf that about all so. I will sign off.

Your Pal


P.S. Write Soon

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