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July 15, 1943.

Dearest Ralph;

Received your lovely letter and sure was glad to hear from you. I thought I’d never get an answer from you. I also think the same thing. That sure is one of the finest things to do is to write a lonely soldier. I sure do appreciate you a lot of writing writing to me. Gee don’t go + work too hard on the aircraft Guns. Gee I do hope that you will get a furlough by Christmas. I’m very glad to hear that you like the army. I was sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. How are you feeling now. Ralph, I’ll send you my picture soon. I didn’t get them yet. Carmen left July 14th Wednesday Morning. Boy it sure is lonesome without him. Hon, I’m still working for Dr. Mathay.

It is too bad that you can’t be closer to home. Just as soon as Carmen writes home I’ll give him your address so he could write to you. My boyfriend was stationed at Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, that was the last time I’ve heard from him. So now I don’t know if he still there or not. Yes I knew Lou Anler real well. I knew his two older brothers, Vincent + Earnest. Guess it is on the Granny now. How did you feel when you got your first pay? Boy I sure miss those parties of [unreadable] Roasts. You mean Frank Pilosi well he is in 4F on account of his eyes + I think he’s too nervous. He is engaged. So that what W.O.O.K.A.A.K.O.E.W. means. Well now honey I’ll tell you mine. Always thinking of you honey and hope that you are thinking of me. You left letters out or I did that one I don’t remember. I wished that you were in the Navy instead of the Army. So now if you were in the Navy I could come out to see you. So now this way I can’t see you until you get your furlough. I have a bad cold that I can’t hardly talk. I’m hoarse. I feel so miserable I don’t even feel like working anymore. I forgot to tell you. Carmen + Angie were down to see your Mother last Tuesday. All the girls said hello. Jenny said hello.

Take good care of yourself. I hope I get your picture soon so I could show it to my girlfriend. I was telling her about you. I told her that she ought to meet you + that you are swell kid + that you are real handsome soldier boy. How are the girls treating you? I’m going down to town to see Blue Baron + his orchestra down at the Palace. I also have to go down the store + bring my watch down for repair. Gee hon I can’t think of anything else to tell you. So please take good care of yourself. I’ll always think of you. Please don’t forget to send one your handsome pictures with your uniform. Ralph do you know Laurence + Joe Rampando. They are both in the Army. Laurence left Wednesday with Carmen. Well I hope all the boys don’t get homesick + want to come back home. Well honey I’ll sign off now until I hear from you soon. Hope you get better. Wishing you all the luck in the world. Adios, until I hear from you.

Always Yours,


P.S. Oceans + Oceans of Love and kisses

Figure this one out if you can Hon.


P.S.S. Here is my ugly mug. It didn’t come good.

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