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July 12, 1943.

Dearest Mom:

Received your interesting letter. Thanks for the stamps. It was just what I needed. Now my letter will get there faster? My boils are gone now and I just got out of the hospital. But my foot aches a little yet. While in the hospital I couldn’t wait to get back to my buddies. Fine bunch of fellows? Here you have to be cripple before the Sergeants will believe you! I went to church a few times, but I’ll start going steady now? About my clothes I send them to the laundry every week.

There are sure a lot of fellows leaving for the army now. I’m glad because it makes me feel that I’m not the only one that went from home. Yes, I receive quite a few letters. I can’t keep up with them. Many a time I stood in my hut to answer them. But I don’t mind it because letters keep up the morale of a soldier!

I went finally to town and its awful there. All you see is soldiers? In the future I’m going to get a 3 day Pass and try to meet Bob Torbron in Houston and also Homer? While in town I took a few pictures. When i came back I bought a big watermelon + ice cream and ate still I felt sick to the stomach. I’m starting on Guard Duty now also? If I don’t write a few days don’t worry, because our Battalion is leaving Camp for 5 days on a “Field Problem”. Wll honey, I have to close because I have a hard day ahead tomorrow. Loads of Love + kisses to the Family!

Your Son,


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