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July 10, 1943.

Dear Pa:

Received your letter of July 5th on July 9th we don’t receive mail as much in the hospital? But I received the package you sent and also the check. It made me very happy because I wasn’t feeling too good that day. I guess a soldier can’t help getting well when he has letters from his Dad like yours. This is the first chance I really had the time to write. Of course by now you know I’m in the hospital with boils, one is on my right arm the other under my left arm pit, and the other on my leg. These boils are bad because they do not have heads to them. They swell your legs + arms up and Hot Packs have to be on them always. I got them all cut open now? I’m just waiting for them to heal. I hope you feel fine and don’t worry about me? Everyone in my war has either Boils or Hemorrhoids. I still have a roll left for my Camera. One more would help immensely.

Pa the way you wrote about the pictures I took, and you put it in words so beautifully? You make me feel very proud of myself. It made tears come to my eyes each time I read it. I’m trying my best for you. Glad you liked the pictures. I’ll have one made in town for the family? I’ll keep the smaller pictures also.

Got a letter from John Sferra he is going to get another furlough again. Boy, I wish I had his luck? I don’t expect one till at least 5 months. I am now on the 40 millimeter gun now.

So Uncle Joe left for Mt. Clemens. Did he go by car? Glad to hear business is good. But don’t work too hard. Have Joey help you? I miss you all very much Pa? Can’t wait till I’m home again. I never did appreciate home when I was there. But I would give anything to be with you all again.

Well Pa, I have to go to bed now. They shut the lights off at 9 o’clock in the hospital. I’m getting plenty of rest now and good food? Say hello, to everybody! Take care of yourself! Till next time, Adios.

Your Son,

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