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July 10, 1943.

Dear One:

I received your letter Sat. July 10 and sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. Maybe it is for the best to get rid of them boils and you can have a little rest. I hope you could come home for a while. I just would love to see you. If it was not far I would come to see you.

Call me up on the phone just as soon as you are able to, and reverse the charges I will pay. Please take care of your self. Homer said he was sick for a while with his leg.

You asked how we spent the ‘Fourth of July’? Well we spent it at home. I don’t know I do not feel liking going any where since you left.

Why should I have a good time when you are suffering there.

The Orlando’s rented a cottage on the lake for two weeks and Loretta asked me to go with her but I said no. I did not feel like going. They are on ‘Madison on the Lake’. Frank needed a rest as he not feeling well. First time they went for a vacation and I hope they enjoy it. They certainly deserve it.

Harry’s mother told me ‘Mac’ broke up with Edith’s sister. I don’t know how to true it is, but ‘Mac’ will tell you if it is true. Harry said he was Eddie or Whittie up there where he is. Did Eddie write to you?

Hoping you a speedy recovery and God Bless you my dear son.



Ans. Soon.

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